About Us

Gold SOIL is an engineering...

GoldSoil Oil is an engineering and trading firm active in the field of industrial instrumentation, valve testing and repairing solutions, as well controlling systems for oil, gas, petrochemical, power plants and main industries.
You can trust us as a reliable source for supplying wide range of industrial equipments produced by worldwide well known manufacturers.
Our company, who is active internationally, due to its head‑quarter located in Erbil-IRAQ., is supplying and supporting almost all Middle-East countries.


Thanks to our numerous partners in different countries who assist us to obtain and keep excellent reputation to our clients.
Our wish is to assure you to be provided with:

  • Numerous industrial equipments and brands with top quality
  • Leading and up to date standards
  • High level of professionalism
  • Intensive competitive situation
  • Global network partners and manufacturers
  • ompetitive prices
  • Excellent delivery schedule
  • Domestic & International Services & Facilities
  • Long term cooperation and after sales services

We would be...!

We would be more than proud to become your business partner, as our know-how, long experienced and well trained staff members give us the possibility to react to your request with high level of professionalism.
With the below listed, your esteemed organization will realize that our activity is divers and developed in several fields which could apply to your needs.

  • Numerous industrial equipments and brands with top quality
  • Industrial instrumentation
  • Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level indicators, switches and transmitters
  • Industrial controlling systems
  • Analytical instruments
  • Mechanical & thermodynamic equipments
  • Pump, compressors, blowers & exhausters
  • Valves, and valve solutions
  • Valve repairing & testing equipments
  • Hydraulic tools & equipments
  • Under-pressure leaksealing products
  • Pressure and Temperature calibrators
  • Enclosures, manifolds, fittings and tubes
  • On-line sealing system, equipments and products
  • Accessories