Piston Desuperheaters Type ST-1

It is applied in the system of regulating the steam temperature in the industry and
energy sectors. The task of the desuperheater is to provide the injection of water with perfect atomization to the pipeline of superheated steam for the purpose of cooling it to the set parameters.

They consist of the valve part with a one- or two-stage valve head, and the head with injection nozzles. They provide a wide range of control (about 40:1), do not require an injection valve and may be equipped with a pneumatic or electric drive. They are
applied in the DN150 pipelines.

Technical Table
Nominal diameter – water DN 25 … DN 50 (NPS 1″ up to 2″)
Nominal pressure – water PN 40; 63; 100
Nominal diameter – steam DN 80 … DN 150 (NPS 3″ up to 6″)
Nominal pressure – steam PN 25; 40; 63; 100
Nozzles with full and empty atomization cone ; spraying angle 60…90°
Material body (bar stock execution), bonnet: 10CrMo 4-5; (1.7335)
head, internal elements: X17CrNi 16-2; (1.4057)
nozzles: X6CrNiMoTi 17-12-2; (1.4571)
Flow coefficient Kvs 0,15…10
Leakage class V class EN-IEC 60534-4
Rangeability 40:1